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What is Cupping Therapy?

The intention of the cupping practioner is always to bring hydration, create blood flow, relieve inflammation and create movement in the body holistically.

The negative suction creates a gentle “separation” to tissues underneath your skin. This gentle pulling  brings in a flood of H2O to dehydrated or "knotted" and tight  muscle and connective tissues.  

The suction provided by a machine is incrementally controlled to provide very light to very deep results.​​

What do Cupping Therapies feel like?
 Cupping has been described as "A deep release without pressure.", "Not painful at all." and "Amazing!" While the feeling of MediCupping  is not the same for every individual, the techniques are designed to create different effects from sedating to invigorating.  

Additional Cupping Information

Why do people get circular marks or blochy colored patters on their skin from Cupping?

These markings are good for you!
 The colors that may arise from cupping reveal the history or current tension or injury in your body. Remember that time you fell off you bicycle as a kid or hit your shin on the bed frame? Any scars? Don't be surprised if you have discoloration from that injury.  

Simply, Cupping lifts "stuck" areas and it is likely older blood will arise and appear as red, purple or darker blue.  

Your Lymphatic System will then carry  "uncovered" toxins to Lyphnodes so the body will be cleared of them.

Self Cupping Tools

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