People often ask me how I arrived at the decision to become a massage therapist. 
  Growing up, I was always involved in athletics and became involved with powerlifting in my high school, college and years to follow.  I had been taught the importance of form and how proper form can ensure building strength and injury avoidance.  I became a personal trainer, Pilates instructor and immersed myself as a student of many yoga practices.  I attended a Muscular Therapy Institute weekend workshop and felt massage was not only interesting, but intertwined with all I had learned and experienced in years before.  Looking back, perhaps all those piano and saxophone lessons gave me dexterity and precision in my fingers I now need to provide very specific massage work!  Today,  I am involved in many activities that keep my body well so I may continue to provide therapy to those who want to improve their wellness.

You can expect to receive a professional, consistently effective and unique treatment every visit.​

I look forward to working with you.
Marisa Sabin

Marisa D. Sabin
12 Years Licensed Massage Therapist,
Advanced Cupping Practioner,
Certified Fitness Specialist

​Frankly speaking . . .
Its all about bringing rebalance to the body. 
All my treaments are based on experience and science...

"Where there is hydration, there is softening.
Where there is softening, there is flexibility.
Where there is flexibility there is space created.
Spaciousness leads to correct body posture.
Where there is correct body posture, there is proper function."​​
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